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Aug. 10, 2019 |  Category:  Tasks

gwasm is a new kind of task type in Golem which was introduced in version 0.20.0. It allows developers to create their own tasks on the network. Golem shipped some demo use-cases with the release of gwasm. A few examples are gflite, 7zip and draw.

You can read more in-depth here...

Blender Settings

May 27, 2019 |  Category:  Tasks

For Blender to function correctly on the Golem Network, we need to provide some settings. This is crucial otherwise Blender wouldn't know what to do with the task.

As of right now, Golem has not fully integrated Blender into their solution, so some settings might not be available for use and won't be listed.


Understanding Subtasks

May 27, 2019 |  Category:  Tasks

Golem splits up tasks into smaller pieces to spread it around the network so multiple people can work on a different part of your task at the same time. This is called a subtask because it's a split up piece of the original task.

Splitting the task up into multiple subtasks will almost always result in faster computation, but that's primary for larger tasks.

When Golem notices ...