June 15, 2019

We try to keep our prices as low as possible while still being able to pay our operational cost. At GolemGrid we use the default payment model that Golem use (Subtask Amount x GNT/h x Subtask Timeout in hourly increments) and add a commission depending on the final value of your task. If the task equals to less than 1 dollar, then it's going to be rounded up to 1 dollar. Anything above the 1 dollar mark will just have a 2,5% fee added to it.

Please note that GNT/h isn't something that you, the consumer can change. We've set this value internally to a fixed price of 0.1, which is almost the most minimal price per hour one can set. The amount of providers accepting 0.1 GNT/h is fewer than the default 1 GNT/h, but we have deemed that this isn't something that will impact service as of now. If there comes a time in the future where not enough providers are accepting 0.1 GNT/h, then we are going to update this and let you the consumer know.