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Processing Power

May 27, 2019 |  Category:  General

The backend for our processing power is the Golem Network. Any user can participate with their spare processing power. When you request a task on our website, we simply just forward it to the network. Golem will automatically find providers and return us the result once finished, and then we serve it to you through your dashboard.

To see total amount of Nodes, CPU Cores, Memory, Disk ...

What is GolemGrid

May 27, 2019 |  Category:  General

GolemGrid is essentially just a wrapper for the Golem Network. We provide an easy to understand online interface to submit tasks to the Golem Network and pay directly using credit card.

The Golem Network is decentralized p2p network where everyone with access to a computer can participate in the network as a provider, and rent our their spare computational resources in favor of some G...