What's GolemGrid?

GolemGrid is essentially just a wrapper for the Golem Network. We provide an easy to understand online interface to submit tasks to the Golem Network.

The Golem Network is decentralized p2p network where everyone with access to a computer can participate in the network as a provider, and rent our their spare computational resources in favor of some GNT tokens (money).

The only current task one can submit to the network is Blender tasks. Golem is actively working on developing an SDK to let other people create plugins for the network. GolemGrid aims to integrate as many as possible into our service.


Our service currently only accept credit card payments. You pay per task, meaning that there is no subscription service of any kind. Before submitting your task you will be able to see the final price for the computation. There's a few settings that affects the price.

Subtasks - How many times a task a split up into smaller pieces.

Subtask Timeout - The time before a subtask times out and another provider is found.

GNT/h - This setting is not visible but set at 0.1 as default.

If the equation below comes out to less than 1 dollar, it will automatically be rounded up to 1 dollar. This is because the payment fees at Stripe has to be covered.
If the equations equals to more than a dollar, then the payment will have 2,5% fee added.

Subtask Amount x GNT/h x Subtask Timeout Setting in hourly increments

Processing Power

As mentioned earlier the backend for our processing power is the Golem Network. Any user can participate with their spare processing power. When you request a task on our website, we simply just forward it to the network. Golem will automatically find providers and return us the result once finished, and then we serve it to you through your dashboard.

Current processing power of total network

Nodes: 183

CPU Cores: 1228

Memory: 2.32 TiB

Disk: 21.71 TiB

GPU: Unknown

Data pulled from the official stats page every 20th minute.
Current data pulled today 21:19:37

Task settings

When submitting your task you need to provide us with some information related to the task. Down below is a visual representation of the settings and an explanation for each field.

Assigns a name for your task. This name will also be one shown on your Dashboard

How many times should we split up the task? A higher number of subtasks for bigger tasks will usually result in faster computation, but keep in mind that this comes with the cost of a higher final price.

This field tells us which frames you want to have rendered. Let's say you type in 1-50 This will result in all the frames from 1 and up to 50 are going to get rendered. It's also possible to start in the middle of a project by rendering 70-90 resulting in the frames from 70 and up to 90 are going to be rendered.

The output width of the finished render.

The output height of the finished render.

Specifies which filetype the output will come out as.

Specifies what type of hardware you want to render your task. For now CPU is the recommended option as there's a lot more on the market than GPU.

Specifies how long you're willing to wait for the task to finish. If the task is not finished within your specified time it will timeout and show up as failed on your dashboard. If you want to make sure it doesn't timeout we recommend using the setting 24:00:00 which means it'll run for 24 hours.

This setting specifices how long a provider has to finish the subtask before it will timeout. If the provider isn't able to finish it within the timeframe set, then we'll just find another. This setting affects price based on hourly increments. If a provider isn't able to finish the subtask and it times out, you're not going to pay for that one.


This field must be .zip file! Select the file on your computer containing the task you want computed.


Code is weird and weird things happen. Here's a few examples of what you could happen and what to do.

I got redirected to a blank page saying Error 500

If you believe this wasn't meant to happen, then please contact us and provide the link to the page where it happened.

I've submitted a task but it isn't showing up on the dashboard!

Please wait and try refreshing the page a couple of times. It might take up to a few minutes for the task to show up depending on the size and load on the server. If it doesn't appear after 5 minutes please reach out to us through the contact form, and supply us with your task's name

The page is blank for me or nothing happens when I click the submit button on the Blender rendering page

Please make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser. This is required for some parts of the page like redirecting to the Stripe Payment site.

My task shows up on the dashboard as failed

The task didn't finish computing in the defined Task Timeout. Contact us and provide the task name, and we might be able to restart the task.

I have an issue that isn't listed here

Contact us regarding the issue and provide as much information as possible to help us troubleshoot your problem.