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Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform

GolemGrid provides an online interface as well as a fiat gateway for the utilization of the decentralized Golem Network

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The Golem Network is powered by computers all around the world into big decentralized supercomputer.

Nodes: 159 | CPU Cores: 1274 | Memory: 2.02 TiB | Disk: 20.15 TiB

Everyone can participate

Our service runs on top of the Golem Network, which is a blockchain powered project running on the Ethereum network.

Everyone with access to a computer and an internet connection can participate in the network and earn money, in exchange of renting out their processing power to requestors.

Supported Tasks

The following tasks are currently available and will expand in the future once the Golem SDK has been developed. The SDK will allow people to write their own applications to run on top of the network.



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Pay as you go

You only pay for what you use on GolemGrid. Before submitting your task you will be able to see the final price, so you always know what you're going to pay.

Try out the calculator to get an idea of our pricing.
Our way of calculating the price can be found here.

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