Take advantage of a Decentralized Cloud Computing Network and compute tasks in parallel within minutes. Manage tasks on your intuitive online dashboard.

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A new era of computing

Unlike traditional cloud datacenters, GolemGrid has no real datacenter. It leverages the Golem Network to compute your workloads. The network is a Peer-to-Peer network made up of everyday computers like yours!

We think that's efficient and smart!

Single computer connected to multiple computing nodes

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Take advantage of subtasks and split frames up in multiple pieces to compute them in parrallel


The solution is designed to run large number of computations in parallel in order to profit from Golem Network capabilities


Text-to-Speech Application made using WASM.


"Our community keeps on building great tools for easy access to Golem while we work on improvements, use cases and new tools - check @GolemGrid out! 100% built by independent community members!"

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